The Mechanics of a Tow Truck

Understanding the Mechanism of a Tow Truck for Beginners


As I was visiting my local towing service, I started to think about the mechanics of this machinery. Tow trucks come in handy at the worst times. When we are in need of towing our broken down vehicles, we usually end up contacting our local and nearest tow truck company.  I started to analyze a tow vehicle at the shop. As I examined it, I became enthralled by it’s construction and equipment.

Tow trucks arTow Chandlere used mainly to move vehicles that are no longer running, illegally parked, or stranded due to weather. Tow trucks are also used to transport vehicles such as, that treasured classic car. So this type of vehicle has multiple uses.  Invented in 1916, in the middle of World War One, Ernest Holmes Sr. created this very reliable assistance vehicle in his garage. He then began to manufacture them commercially. There then was the beginning of the towing industry.

There are a number of elements to a tow truck for it to be versatile. This is the type of service that needs versatility.   The types of equipment that are commonly used on a tow truck are listed as the following:

Hook and Chain: We are used to seeing these two pieces of equipment. The chains are used to securely fasten the axle or frame of the non-working vehicle. The chain also hoists the vehicle either partially or fully onto the tow truck.

Wheel: Lift- This is an evolved piece of equipment derived from the hook and chain allowing the car to be cradled as it is being towed. It is produced to have a large metal yoke that in fitted in the front or rear of the car.

Boom: This is an adjustable piece of equipment that is used for recovery of vehicles. These vehicles have usually ended up in a ditch and cannot be pulled out without risking the safety of those around.

Flatbed: This looks exactly how it sounds. Flatbed towing is great for vehicle transportation as well. Whether your car is in working condition or not, flatbed towing will transport the vehicle without the use of a winch.

Operations of tow truck are handled usually by private businesses, which own one or more trucks. Depending on the area you live, tow trucks can also serve a dual purpose. For example, in areas that succumb to snow and ice, tow service double as a snowplow for clearing driveways and roads for the public.

My vehicle was fixed fortunately. I thanked the tow truck driver for his help and tipped him very well. Being in this situation in relying on his services motivated me to write this brief article.

Mikulin M-34 Engine

One of the Soviet Union’s more innovational piston engines, the Mikulin M-34 was a liquid-cooled aircraft engine designed by Alexander Mikulin, a respected engine manufacturer. First ran in 1931, the M-34 proved to be a breakthrough from former engines in the arsenal of Soviet aviation, providing the Soviet Union her first original production piston engine. The engine has had an abundance of use, powering a variety of aircraft ranging from the large Tupolev TB-3 to the Tupolev ANT-20 Maxim Gorky of the 1930s; aside from aircraft, variants of the M-34 have powered Soviet torpedo boats of the same era, and further modified derivatives of the engine even powered a few Soviet prototype tanks. Aside from providing power to some of the Soviet Union’s most important planes of the 1930’s, it also provided Mikulin the necessary experience to produce inline engines such as the AM-37 and, more importantly, the AM-38, which powered the iconic IL-2 Shturmovik.aircraft-engine

In the 1920’s, Soviet aviation was still in its infancy. As a result, it was largely dependent on foreign manufacturers, especially for components such as engines.  Engine contractors in the early years of the USSR had focused production on such engines, with the approval of the original designer. For example, the TB-1, the Soviet Union’s first modern bomber (as well as Tupolev’s first bomber), was powered by the M-17 (from the Mikulin firm), a license-built BMW-VI inline engine. Although there had been development in the field of independent Soviet engines, they were still largely inspired by Western designs. Recognizing this, Alexander Mikulin set out to develop his own type of engine, although still sharing a similar design to Western counterparts. His new engine was also intended to replace the M-17 which was still in production. Enter the M-34.

After three years of development, the M-34 had its first run in 1931. Later that same year, it entered state trials without success. Despite being a new engine, it still had many flaws to be eradicated. However, in 1932, it commenced mass production and was equipped with its first set of aircraft in 1933-1934. The first aircraft to receive such a modification was the TB-3 and was the Continue reading

Why Koenigsegg is the most expensive car in the world?

koenigseggWhen we ask to ourselves “What is the most expensive thing in the world”, then certainly many of us will answer diamonds, so what do you think about a car that is coated with diamonds, can you imagine how expensive it will be?

When we talk about the most expensive street legal car in the world, then no one is parallel to Koenigsegg. The car is typically designed to be called as the diamonds on wheels.  The Swedish car manufacturer has literally turn his heart into a car, the new exterior finish popularly known as Koenigsegg proprietary Diamond weave has changed the overall reputation of Trevita , coating of diamond dust impregnated resin on carbon fibers along with the most delicate touch up paint has turned it into a dream car.

Besides the allegiant finish there lies a dual supercharged 4.8 liter V8 with an efficiency of 1004HP, which certainly means that the car has the potential to overtake any sports car on the freeway. Seven speed transversal gear box with strong paddle shifters ensures a burst of power delivered to the rear wheels. It is a complete package, covering everything that Continue reading

Mobile Auto Detailing

We’ve been talking a lot about the mechanics and science and engineering in the auto industry. While there is certainly much to discuss, there is more to a car or an engine than meets the eye. The looks of the automobile or vehicle are extremely important especially if you plan to manufacture and sell these. Not only do the looks create a desire in a potential buyer but they also add to the visible enjoyment of anybody who partakes.


So keeping the car clean is an ongoing task. What kind of paint is being used to manufacture the car that will have a lot to do with how well the car looks over the years? Certainly caring for the paint will help to maintain the luster and shine that the vehicle had when it was originally manufactured.


Washing the car is not the most enjoyable task for most people. Many will pay to have this task done and there are many Mobile Auto Detail companies that can be hired to come to your home or place of business or wherever for that matter and wash the car. These often time do a much better job at making your car’s interior and exterior shine like new because they pay way more attention to detail than your typical Drive Thru car wash.


Mobile Detailing has grown in popularity as people see the benefits that it provides. Yes, it cost more to have the car washed using somebody that does this service but it is well worth it when you think of the time it saves you by not having to sit in a long line at the car wash or doing it yourself at home after you’ve already worked.


Good auto detailers and mobile detailers know what chemicals to use to get the best results. They are able to identify interior stains and figure the best way to remove them. They keep a variety of cleaning materials on hand which are suitable for many different stains. Since they do this cleaning work all day every day of the work week they know what stain removers and processes will work best to clean your car. Most of us don’t have these types of cleansers or materials or machines that they use and we can struggle for a long time only to end up with the result that doesn’t even compare to how well they can clean the car.


They have fancy ways of making the paint shine such as using what is called a clay bar treatment where they lightly rub in define clay on the paint surface which helps to remove impurities in the paint. This is an additional charge usually as it takes more labor and time but the results can be fantastic. Most people who live in Southern California have seen some pretty exotic cars that require quite a bit of care to keep them in top condition. Most owners of these types of vehicles can afford to have their car detailed buy a mobile auto detailer.


Oftentimes the mobile detail can actually wash the car and use quite a bit less water than is used out of a traditional car wash war with Continue reading


Horsepower in terms of vehicle is the power delivered by engine and one can say that it is the parameter to rate that power.

The most interesting question that arises in one’s mind is that why is it called horsepower? Well for that we have to go a little back in history, when horses were used as a most convenient method of transport everything was good, but then engines came and the horses as a transport mean were slowly getting replaced by the vehicles. So the engines were then rated as how much power they had and eventually because they were replacing horses so the name horsepower came into existence.

The cars with top ten horsepower areFerrari

  • Ferrari LaFerrari 2015 (788 horsepower)
  • Ferrari F12berlinetta 2015 (731 horsepower)
  • Lamborghini Aventador 2015 (720 horsepower)
  • Dodge Challenger 2015 (707 horsepower)
  • Dodge Charger 2015 (707 horsepower)
  • Tesla Model S 2015 (691 horsepower)
  • Ferrari FF 2015 (651 horsepower)
  • Chevrolet Corvette 2016 (650 horsepower)
  • Mclaren 650S 2015 (641 horsepower)
  • Doge Viper 2016(645 horsepower)

All these cars are mostly Continue reading

Car Manufacturing

Robotic Auto ManufacturingEver thought that the one thing that you use so many times in your daily life, well your car, how is it manufactured? There are different steps in manufacturing a car.

First let’s talk about the top car manufacturing groups.

Toyota Motor, Volkswagen, Ford motors, Hyundai motors, Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Suzuki and Honda manufactures are one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world.

The most crucial step in the manufacturing of the car is its idea and planning. It is necessary for it to pass because the whole car stands on its planning. After the planning the next step is it’s stamping, wielding and panting. After going through the process, the inspection and assembly is done, this is the last step in the manufacturing of the vehicle. Now the step that takes place side by side with manufacturing of vehicle is it’s making of engine and its transportation to the required unit.

The other most important thing about car manufacturing is the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Because the increase in efficiency lowers the production cost and so does the market price.

Let’s also talk about the top ten revenue generating vehicle manufacturing companies (2014).

  • Volkswagen(202.4 billion euros)
  • Toyota(188.16 billion euros)
  • Daimler(129.8 billion euros)
  • General motors(128.8 billion euros)
  • Ford(119.03 billion euros)
  • Fiat Chrysler(96.09 billion euros)
  • Honda (87.36 billion euros)
  • BMW(80.4 billion euros)
  • Nissan(79.35 billion euros)
  • Hyundai(67.56 billion euros)

Continue reading

Auto Industry Today

We can relate auto industry to the wide range of companies that design, manufacture and sell motor vehicles or simply put cars. The top companies that have strong hold on auto industry are Hyundai, Ford, Toyota , Corolla , Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler.

The auto industry is led by China with 19.3 million units, on second position we have U.S with 10.3 million units and on third number we have Japan with 9.9 million units. These three countries are leading the auto industry not just in recent time but the rivalry goes way back.

Statistics say that global sales of passenger cars will reach as high as 73.9 million in 2015. Talking about last year 7.7 million passenger cars were sold in U.S and this year the numbers are Continue reading

Oils and Car Engine Maintenance

Engine LubricationNo human being can survive without taking good care of himself, same is the case with cars. No matter how costly your car is if you are not changing its oil in time and not maintaining it, you are just giving it slow poison and eventually it will give up on you.

Now how to keep your car in fit condition?

Well it requires maintenance of oil and also the car.

Oil maintenance:

Draining and replacing the old oil with a new oil along with a new oil filter is somewhat called as a typical oil change.  Metal Canister is one of the most common filters that spins the engine on and off, filtration material inside it is canister. Depending on how you Continue reading

Rotary Engines

Rotary Engines

Wankel EngineRotary engine mostly used in auto mobiles and motor cycles is a type of internal combustion engine. It is designed with odd number of cylinders per row in a radial configuration. The use of rotary engine increase after world war I because of its wide advantages replacing inline engines.

The first rotary engine was developed by Lawrence Hargrave in 1889 using compressed air. It was not very efficient because of its weight and quality of machining. Later in 1890 Balzer constructed a rotary engine and in 1899 an improved rotary engine was constructed by De Dion Button company.


  • Less weight:

It has high power to weight ratio advantage because of the expulsion of added flywheel because many other engines have an added flywheel which is the major cause of the gain in weight of engine.

  • Cooling:

The cylinder assembly that is used in it creates its own fast moving cooling airflow which improves its cooling and protects it from overheating because many other engines have overheating as a major problem.

  • Highest horsepower:

It has highest Continue reading